Suzanne Lundberg

Artist and Sustainopreneur

Suzanne Lundberg grew up in Maple Valley, Washington where she began making jewelry at just 6 years old. She attended the University of Oregon and University of Hawaii at Hilo and received a BA in Philosophy. Her adventurous, curious, and often impulsive nature has taken her across the world, where she spent time teaching English in South Korea and Peru, farming in Honduras, studying Spanish in Spain, Scuba diving throughout Southeast Asia, and other shorter travels. She eventually landed back in her homeland a decade later, the Pacific Northwest. 

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Suzanne considers herself a "sustainopreneur," a recently added term to the urban dictionary combining sustainability with entrepreneurship. Along with her travel philosophy of "there is no getting lost if there is no destination," Suzanne views her designs as limitless, without boundaries, and following no rules. Mostly working with natural elements, upcycled, and found materials of wood, bone, wool, stone, leather, fur, copper and silver, Suzanne is fascinated with the never-ending potential of design, keeping her work almost always authentic and one-of-a-kind. In addition to her passion for art, Suzanne loves trail running, biking, sailing, backpacking, and all things outdoors. She believes that the raw materials found in her pieces inspire beauty in its purest form, cannot be replicated synthetically or manufactured, and are all around us in the natural world for all to access and mold with our own bare hands.

Nothing is more free than the imagination of man; and though it cannot exceed that original stock of ideas furnished by the internal and external senses, it has unlimited power of mixing, compounding, separating, and dividing these ideas, in all the varieties of fiction and vision.
— David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding